Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coaching Corner

You're welcome!
Have you ever noticed that a lot of people say thank you, but very few say you're welcome? I notice it a lot in stores. The person selling says thank you and the person buying says thank you. When was the last time you said you're welcome to a sales person? You just bought something. They appreciate it. "You're welcome!"

Sometimes it's hard to accept that what we've done is appreciated. This month Life wants to thank you and it's time to say, "You're welcome." (Yes, you are good enough and worthy enough for people to love you and for Life to provide for you.)

Make a list of everything in your life you would like help with. (Hint: I wrote that I wanted help bringing more guy energy into my life. Next thing you invite...guys...etc.)

You don't have to know who the help will come from or how it will come. Just list areas you want help with. When it comes - effortlessly - welcome it - effortlessly.
September Reading

Which way is your energy flowing? We do a lot of expending of energy - outflow. This month, it's about inflow - receiving. Taking in. This is different from manifesting i.e. getting things you want. It's not about the object or result. It's about creating a healthy flow of energy - in and out.

We've been in a holding pattern which didn't allow much to flow to us because we were clearing out the old. This creates stagnation. Things are changing. It's time to open the valves, flush out the lines, and begin to allow an inflow of the new. Don't expect a gusher. This is just to get the flow going.

Consider our cycle of creation:
Rest - We experience stillness and restoration.
Inspiration - We get an impulse of inspiration.
Formulation - Our mind gets hold of it, understands it and sees the possibilies.
Action. - The opportunity presents itself and we act.
Effect - Our action has an effect on the world around us.
Response - Our world responds.
Receive - We are enriched by the response.
Rest - We rest, living off of the nourishment we've received while we await the next inspiring impulse.

Let me give you an example:

Old: I got invited to a party. Truthfully, in the last while, I probably wouldn't have gone. Too tired from expending energy.

New: I got invited to the party. First flush was, "I'm too tired." But then the thought crossed my mind: Don't try so hard. Hmmm. I realized that when I pictured myself at the party, I was expending a lot of energy to do/say the right things to get some unspoken result. When I thought about not trying so hard, I saw myself taking in the party, relaxing, having a beer, without concern for results. And so I said yes. At the party, I was relaxed, felt inspired by the music, danced, got a pleasant response, welcomed it, left feeling good about myself, then went home quite late to rest! Rest, inspiration, action, response, receipt/enrichment, rest = health, well being, and fun!

Incoming. Allowing. Taking in. This is the opportunity this month.

I also detect a band of sadness running through the month. Grief for what is passing. We are leaving behind the old, unsustainable ways of doing things that burned up so much energy. Trying too hard to make things happen. Take in the sadness, recognize it, and it will transform into more useful energy.

At long last, we are seeing signs of the new. One of the subtleties this month is welcoming Life in a new way - different from how you've done it before. Easier. Less struggle. Also, watch for Life to bring you what you want but with a twist - different than you thought but still good and very new. If you welcome it, it will come.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Changing Cultures

I woke up thinking about how many of us are trapped in a lifestyle that is not conducive to our wellbeing, or our soul's desire. When I look at it, I see that one of the reasons is "business." As I mention in my book, IGNITING CHANGE, we have followed a course that was dictated by the industrial revolution. Granted, we needed jobs and industry provided that. But do we need 60 hours of work a week?

The question is, how do we change course? How do we turn this ship around now that we are fully caught up in the trappings? Surprisingly, this current economic "crisis" is providing some guidance. I work in retail and what I'm hearing many people say they're cutting back. By reducing our dependence on "things", we begin a process of having more options. As the opportunity to incur debt diminishes, and the need to live within our means increases, we begin to come back into alignment with reality. This is the first step toward change - come into the NOW. Get in touch with what's real!

THIS is why these are exciting times. A tremendous opportunity is presenting itself on a collective level. If we choose, we can change.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Wealth

It’s happened. The shift from the fifth night to the sixth day of the Mayan Calendar has happened. I awoke this morning with a sense of possibility I haven’t felt in ages.

I started thinking about money. My friend, Heather, lent me a copy of a broadcast from Coast to Coast radio with guest Cathryn Fitts in which she talked about the tapeworm economy. (see link: Essentially, it’s about large sums of money being filtered out of the U.S. economy, laundered and brought back in or moved to other countries. So much money is being moved that it has depleted the resources of the middle class, causing them to become “poor.”

This morning I woke up with an image of money having been circling the drain in one direction. Now that is changing. Money was trained to follow fear. It will now follow love.

If you’ve been wondering why you’re a nice person and you don’t have as much money as not-so-nice people, this is why. Following fear, there was never enough. Greed is simply lack – can’t get enough.

Love and money will not look anything like money and fear. It is not about egregious wealth. It is about enough. Gratitude – being grateful for what you have and compassion - being sure that everyone has enough. Sharing the wealth.

Think about what enough looks like for you. Then imagine enough for everyone. Meditate on this often. It’s time to re-envision our new reality. If you can, hold a kind thought for those who have amassed the majority of the wealth so they may assimilate into this new dynamic quickly and easily.

Friday, August 3, 2007


About 15 or 20 years ago, geologist and author Gregg Braden brought us information about the magnetic poles of the earth shifting. Though he was a geologist, he began to put the idea of a pole shift in a spiritual context. Radical at the time, it is now, apparently, scientifically agreed that we are, in fact, in the midst of a magnetic pole shift. The magnetic field around the earth is weakening and has the potential to flip so that north will become south and south north. It's uncertain how long such a shift such as this can take or what the ramifications may be to the planet and those who inhabit it. Is it possible there is a connection between this pole shift and the shift in consciousness that's been prophesied and anticipated for these times? The Mayan calendar describes 2012 as the end of a great age, and even the bible talks about a time of Armageddon. Let me be perfectly clear: I don't see this as a doomsday, but rather a powerful time of transition, not to be feared, but to be experienced to the fullest.

You can go to Braden's website for details about the shift. Here, I would like to muse a bit about what such a shift might mean.

The magnetic field protects the earth's atmosphere. Should the field drop during this brief time, there could well be an influx of energy from the sun which has sometimes been spoken of as a spiritual focus.

During the shift, it's thought that some might feel the urge to sleep or zone out because the atmosphere will be so different. I remember going to hear Krishnamurti speak in Ojai, California in my early days of studying spirituality. I listened to the first few minutes and soon fell fast asleep. The frequency or vibratory rate at which his words were coming through were more than I could take in consciously. I remember hearing the words but as if through a fog. Is it possible that the magnetic field being down could produce a similar effect?

Those who can stay awake during this shift may experience ecstasy. I remember living at Glen Ivy Retreat Center when the power would go out. There was an amazing sense of peace when everything electrical stopped running. Another time, I spent a week in a very remote part of the Rocky Mountains and it was touched so deeply it was life changing. What might it be like if the electromagnetic field around the earth dropped? Different? How?

On the other hand, being in the mountains might be hell for some people. Too quiet, nothing to distract from what's going on within. Could this also be what it's like during a pole shift?

It's prophesied that after the wars and chaos will come 1000 years of peace. Could the shift initiate that cycle? A new age?

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Igniting Change

Over the past thirty years I’ve had a marvelous time exploring a wide range of “spirituality.” I studied consciousness in-residence for 11 years and traveled to the middle East to research Sumerian texts with Zecharia Sitchen. I studied soul work, intergalactic work, shadow work and the Mayan Calendar.

Awhile ago it became clear to me that my work was headed out of the past and into the present. At the same time, a desire arose for my work to go more mainstream. (I started out as a journalism major and ended my business career in marketing at The Walt Disney Company. It doesn’t get anymore mainstream than that!) My sessions became less burdened with beliefs and more broadly accessible, though no less effective.

When my life went into transition a few years ago, it was a time of re-aligning with earlier visions and dreams. I re-discovered my love of writing and began the undertaking of writing a book. That process has led me on an amazing journey from France to New York to the beautiful green hills of Oregon. It has also re-defined my work.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce:

From where you are to where you want to be.

This is not only the name of my upcoming book but the spirit of my work. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, February 2, 2007


This month two themes emerge. One is about relationships. The other is about being prepared. Let’s look at relationships first.

February is a joyful month for relationships. Not only romantic ones but our true connection with one another. If there’s a part of you that’s been afraid to go deeper with others, now is a wonderful time to cultivate a deeper connection.

Picture your relationships as circles. Do they touch? Overlap? By how much? The overlap is how far we’re willing to go to step into someone else’s “space.” I like people to respect my boundaries, but the friendships I most value are with friends who are willing to come across my “edge” and get involved. When I’m down to prod me. When I’m not seeing clearly to offer their perspective. Sometimes in an attempt to be “polite” we miss the chance to connect. This month it’s time to celebrate intimacy. To “cross the line” if you will. To reach out and touch someone – or open up and be touched.

Like everything else we’ve talked about over the past few years, old structures are falling away. They’re too small and too limiting. I read somewhere that 80% of women surveyed no longer believe in the institution of marriage. We tried it, we didn’t like it, we’re moving on. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT WE WON’T GET MARRIED OR BE MARRIED. It may need to be re-defined. We may need something more organic. Love is too large to be saved for only one person. It cannot and will not be contained. It’s meant to expand and be shared.
This month, be willing to take off a layer and expose another level of yourself to your world. The reward for this is more personal fulfillment, more meaningful moments, and definitely more flow!

From the moment I touched into the February energy, I saw it was clearly time to make sure all our ducks are in a row, our bases covered and our foundation set for the next few years.

This is a great month to think about your finances, your lifestyle, your life choices. Are you living within your means? Do you have money saved to cover a dry spell? If not, it’s time to put a plan together. More than fear or alarm, this is about being in balance with yourself and life so you’re not caught off guard and pulled off center.

According to Carl Calleman’s calculations, we move into the 5th night of the Mayan Calendar Nov. 19 2007 through Nov. 18 2008. (We might note this is the last year of George W. Bush’s presidency.) The number 5 is about things breaking down so we can have breakthrough. Previous fifth nights have seen things like WWII, the fall of the Roman Empire, the extinction of Neanderthals and the ice age. Each thing may seem devastating but leads to greater awareness.

None of this suggests that we need to move to the woods with a shotgun and canned goods. But be prepared. What is your vision for 2007-08? The message from the Hopi elders comes to mind.Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Where is your water? Know your garden.

Where our two themes come together is in the heart. This month, let your relationships provide the practice ground to open your heart. In so doing you open your inner eye. Stay out of fear. Instead, trust your intuition. By listening we know exactly what to do.